2021 City of Los Angeles - City Council Redistricting Commission


Outreach Committee
  • The Commission’s committee on outreach will seek community input and testimony from stakeholders on how new districts should be designed and constituted. The Committee will attempt to attract a diverse group of stakeholders from each Council District for input, and target outreach to communities whose input is lacking. The Committee will engage with Neighborhood Councils, community organizations and local leaders, and use existing and new media platforms, to reach stakeholders. The Committee will also be committed to keeping stakeholders informed of developments and scheduled public hearings, and create a digital database to accept public testimony.
  • Members:
  • David Hyun, Chair
  • Rev. Edward L. Anderson
  • Charisse Bremond Weaver
  • Maria Brenes
  • Rocky Delgadillo
  • Andrew Garsten
  • Nam Le
  • Michele Prichard
  • Liz Saldivar
  • Alexandra Suh
Mapping & Data Committee
  • The Commission’s committee on data and mapping will assess available population and demographic information from the Census Bureau, as well as solicit and assess data from third-party groups. As the Commission will be providing free and simple access to appropriate mapping software to all stakeholders, the Committee will be responsible for assessing proposed map boundaries based on their relevance to available data. The Committee will also assess issues of polarization within communities and their effects on the Redistricting process.
  • Members:
  • Sonja F. Diaz, Chair
  • Elissa Barrett
  • Denis Cagna
  • David Hyun
  • Richard Katz
  • Carlos Moreno
  • Richard Polanco
  • Valerie Lynne Shaw

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