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Every 10 years, LAUSD School Board Member (Board of Education) district boundaries are re-drawn to account for population changes. The Redistricting Commission makes recommendations to the Los Angeles City Council on adoption of the LAUSD’s redistricting plan that sets the boundaries of School Board Member (Board of Education) districts. Redistricting is done using U.S. Census data, which will be released in August 2021. The final date for adoption of the LAUSD map by the Los Angeles City Council is December 31, 2021.
How and where districts are drawn can shape communities’ ability to elect the representatives of their choice. Districts must be made as equal in population as practicable so that communities have equal access to political representation. Our independent redistricting commission, which is made up of members of the public, will provide input in selecting the next district map for our LAUSD districts. You have an opportunity to share how you think district boundaries should be redrawn to best represent your community. You can find a map of the LAUSD’s current School Board Member (Board of Education) districts here.
Information on the fifteen (15) Commissioners and their duties, appointment, and term can be found on our website.
The Commission welcomes comments at any of our public meetings, as well as by telephone, letter, or email. In addition to regular meetings, several public input hearings starting in August 2021 will be held throughout the redistricting process. The public comment form and hearing schedule can be found on our website.
Public hearings will be held in August through September in anticipation of adopting a draft plan in late September/early October 2021. Public hearings will again be held in October 2021 in anticipation of adopting a final plan by the Commission on or before October 29, 2021. The current schedule is available on our website. Suggestions for facilities locations are welcomed and encouraged if in-person meetings are allowed under local health guidance.
We encourage you to request a community presentation, attend a virtual meeting, virtual public hearing, submit comments, submit a map, and contact us anytime throughout this process. More information on how to get involved is available on our website.
A Community of Interest is a group of people in the same geographically definable area who share common social and economic interests. Some examples of Communities of Interest are:
  • Senior citizens
  • LGBTQIA+ communities
  • College students living near campus
  • People who live downtown or in a neighborhood
  • Dog park community
  • Residents who share a common language
  • People that use the same transportation systems

Public Hearing Schedule

  • Monday, October 4th, 6:30 PM
  • Wednesday, October 6th, 6:30 PM
  • Saturday, October 9th, 11 AM

Community Workshop Schedule

  • Saturday, October 2, 11AM

Regular Meeting Schedule

  • Wednesday, October 13, 4PM
  • Wednesday, October 20, 4PM
  • Wednesday, October 27, 4PM

Audio for this meeting will also be broadcast live and can be heard by calling 1 (669) 254-5252 and using Meeting ID No. 161 077 4991 and then press #. Press # again when prompted for participant ID.

Spanish interpretation will be provided at all hearings. To request interpretation services in a different language, please email redistricting.LAUSD@lacity.org or call (213) 221-2245, at least 72 hours in advance of the hearing. Please be aware that language interpretation is only available via Zoom Webinar.

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